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Quality pianos are meant to provide generations of joy for your family and can continue to be passed down through the ages  -  Though about every 80 years they do require some "new tires" and routine service to get everything playing excellent again.


Do piano strings need to be changed often?

Thankfully your piano strings can last 80-100 years before they become an issue for routine playing.  Luckily your piano was designed to be restrung by a qualified technician as needed.

Bass & Treble Bridges

The bridges bear the the pressure of the strings and soundboard.  This tension is largely responsible for the sustain and overall tone quality of the piano. 


Piano bridges can last 100-200+ years

with basic care.

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The Action

The "action"  is the mechanism which controls everything inside the piano.  The piano is in fact a highly intricate machine, with about 90 parts per note.  One piano action can have up to 12,000 parts in total.  The piano plays extremely well when these parts are in fresh calibration

- - - -

Most pianos do not require new parts to have their performance restored.  Most piano mechanisms can last 100-150 years with only general maintenance.

Every piano restoration is unique, as no two pianos are alike.  Give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss the options for your piano!

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