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Piano Inspection
Apprasial Services


Having a piano evaluated by a qualified technician is essential in determining if all of the important areas of the piano are indeed in healthy shape.  A piano which routinely goes more than a year without tuning will eventually develop major structural issues with the sound board and intricate string bridges which all take a combined string tension of 20-30 tons.

There are about 230 strings on a modern piano with each string holding an average of 175 pounds of tension each.  This is why a lot of pianos get worn out prematurely.  The piano requires regular tuning even if it goes years without being used. This is why you will likely find free pianos on the internet all the time.  Unfortunately almost all of these instruments have become fatally ill due to lack of maintenance and lack of the required regular tunings.  If you tune your instrument at its minimum tuning and service requirements then the instrument will last lifetimes.  Every part of the piano is the same as a tire of a car, except piano tires can last 75-100 years if properly cared for by a qualified technician associated with the piano technicians guild or other valued credentials.

50%-100% of your inspection fee visit will be credited from your bill in the event that your instrument is scheduled for service or maintenance OTHER than tuning services. 

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