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Steinway & Sons Boston 50"

Steinway & Sons Boston 50"

Excluding Sales Tax

2013 Steinway Boston 50" (Model 126E)

This beautiful concert upright is ready for its new home. Lovely crisp tone and silky, smooth feel on the keys.

Restored and back to like-new performance and playing experience. Beautiful piano with a very full sound for its small footprint. New premium german simulated ivory.


Includes bench - opens for storing music books.


☑️Free delivery

✅Free in-home tuning

☑️10 year full warranty all parts/labor

✅Full lifetime trade-up credit

☑️Fully restored and serviced



Showroom hours:


Sun - closed

Mon - closed

Tues - 10am-5pm

Wed - 10am-5pm

Thur - 10am-5pm

Fri - 10am-5pm

Sat - 11am-4pm




We fully service and restore all of our pianos!


"But what does restoration mean?"


It means the piano will be inviting and will be a delight to play - Many pianists describe it as: "Amazing, almost like it plays itself".


The reason why new and restored pianos are so fun and easy to play is because they have been carefully calibrated from key to key, so that each key is very even and feels the same. These adjustments are recommended as needed (about every 20-30 years for most average used pianos). Guitars and other stringed instruments use your fingers to control volume and dynamics, but the piano strings are being hit by a hammer, which is controlled by a key mechanism. Performance will be very low no matter how talented the musician is - If the mechanism is not calibrated.


"Why does the factory calibration not hold"?


Well, thankfully it actually holds for quite a while, and is usually not noticed for 20+ years.


When you play the piano, you are favoring notes. Which means there are notes being used more than others. This slight favoring is not very apparent for a long time because the player is also slowly getting used to the tiny changes over time. But after 10-20 years, the difference in touch and performance from key to key will be very noticeable. 10 or 20 years of use on any piano will make the keys no longer as fun or easy to play, and playing will take much more effort and thought to make the notes play the way you want them to. This is the first sign that your piano is no longer "inviting".


You should be able to close your eyes and play whisper quiet all the way down the keyboard without trying or thinking about it. Any piano that has been restored will play whisper quiet or any volume you wish, because the keys will be responsive enough to give the player the delicate touch they require and deserve.


Restoration means restoring life and performance back into the instrument. This includes new parts if needed, and full calibration of all 88 notes, so they will be even, smooth, and easy to play! In

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