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1902 Cornish Concert Upright - (4 PEDAL)

1902 Cornish Concert Upright - (4 PEDAL)

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Cornish Victorian Concert Upright - 54 inches tall

(Style 13,000 "The Columbia" orchestral upright)

**Has a built in mute pedal and an effect pedal which changes the sound to a Zither style piano effect.

Built in Washington, NJ in 1902

This piano is currently available for restoration. Will be fully refurbished for supreme sound and performance! You can't be these old world pianos. Even the best modern pianos of today do not come close to these old world instruments!

These golden era Cornish pianos were built to extremely high standards during the most innovative era in piano history. The quality of spruce and proper hardwoods are no longer obtainable like they used to be, which really is one of the most important aspects to consider when comparing pianos. Your average new piano today is built with pressed saw dust (and some glue) instead of hardwood for the structure of the piano.

After restoration this piano will not only sound better than almost any new piano on the market but it will likely last longer too. Piano makers during this time period did the opposite of cutting corners. They were adding corners wherever they could, and making the piano as strong as possible to survive the harsh humidity changes in the average farm houses of the day. This is one reason why after rebuilding; these pianos are so strong inside our new modern homes with temperature control, and don't require as much tuning as modern pianos!

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