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Mason & Hamlin 48" Professional Upright

Mason & Hamlin 48" Professional Upright

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**Brand New Piano 2023 Model


Mason & Hamlin 48 inch professional upright &

Model 123U


The Artist Series continues Mason & Hamlin’s legacy of crafting exceptional instruments that delight audiences around the world, giving professional pianists the ideal instrument to refine their technique, unleash their passion, and perfect their skills.


This series of instruments draws upon Mason & Hamlin’s over 160 years of experience to create a truly remarkable piano. Solid Spruce soundboards provide brilliant and beautiful sound that only improves with age. Strong, resilient Beech rims expertly reflect sound and tonal sustain for the highest caliber of play, and an exclusive Wessell, Nickel & Gross Composite Action gives pianists the ultimate control. Together, these elements create an instrument that is truly best-in-class in response, control, and sound. A much better instrument and value over a Yamaha U3 or a Steinway.



-10 YEAR FULL WARRANTY (fully transferable)

-Free professional delivery

-Free in-home tuning





Made from state-of-the-art materials, Wessell, Nickel & Gross Composite Actions not only provide pianists incredible ease of touch, but also the durability to outperform any wooden action by over three times as long.*


Unlike wood, composite materials do not respond to moisture or temperature change. That means less maintenance, dramatically reduced regulation, and complete trust in your piano.


Length: 48in Tall (121.92cm)

Width (at keyboard): 59in (149.86cm)

Rims: Beech

Plate: Sand Cast Iron

Pinblock: 17-Ply Maple

Soundboard: Quarter-Sawn Solid Spruce

Ribs: Solid Spruce, Pre-Crowned & Hand-Fitted

Treble Bridge: Quarter-Sawn Solid Beech

Bass Bridge: Quarter-Sawn Solid Beech

Action: Wessell, Nickel & Gross Composite Action

Keyset: Solid Spruce you

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