Steinway & Sons upright in beautiful Mahogany with original ivory keys, all beautifully perserved.  This one was built in New York in 1964 during the golden age of Steinway and when excellent quality spruce for soundboards and hardwood were easily obtainable.  For a "true" Steinway you will easily pay 2-3 times more.  Be sure to ask where your Steinway was built.  Some are built in China and others are built in Japan.  A true Steinway is built in either 
New York or Hamburg, Germany.

Designed for the working musician with only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, which made Steinway one of the most trusted and respected name in history.  Lovely warm tone and fully regulated to provide liquid smooth flighty action and response.  Fully serviced and ready for another 50 years of joy.  This one will hold its value decades down the road.  Come check out this Steinway and feel the difference while also retaining your value for the bang. 

$12,500 includes 10 year warranty,  free delivery, tuning,  and sales tax.  Free delivery is for most locations within 500 miles of Nashville, TN.

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Steinway & Sons Upright


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