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Mason & Hamlin MODEL BB

Mason & Hamlin MODEL BB

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Mason & Hamlin builds only 300 pianos per year and is a truly handmade artisan instrument on a whole another level. Professional artists and musicians know the Mason & Hamlin name very well. These rare and highly sought after instruments only come around every now and then. The only question is; are you ready to join the Mason & Hamlin family?

The 7ft mason Hamlin BB blows most full 9ft concert grands out of the water!



Acclaimed for its robust sound, precise touch, and consistent action, the Model BB is a 7-ft piano designed for auditoriums, conservatories, concert halls, spacious homes, and professional studios. Known for its legendary concert grand characteristics, the Model BB has powerful, resonant bass, rich, warm tenor, and a treble with a singing tone—bell-like in its clarity—and perfect for reproducing the unparalleled tonal range of a Mason & Hamlin.


The Model BB redefines what a grand piano should be, with power and sonority usually reserved for concert grands—making the tonal possibilities truly limitless.


Featuring only the most sophisticated piano action mechanism parts available. Exclusive, to none other than; Mason & Hamlin. These waterproof parts are made of carbon fiber and carbon ABS COMPOSITE materials. These parts are just one reason why Mason & Hamlin pianos out perform every other piano it meets. The carbon composite parts are 3 times lighter, 5 times stronger and, are also completely humidity and temperature resistant. These parts allow the pianist to play more freely and quicker than ever before and without the humidity limitations of your typical wooden action parts.


These parts sound expensive, right? Well, actually these composite parts cost the same as the old wooden parts! Which is one reason why Mason & Hamlin is so affordable compared to its competitors. The traditional wooden parts used by 99% every other piano manufacturer in the world (including Steinway) are actually one of the reasons they are so costly. The rocketing cost of proper wooden parts has been on the steady rise for many decades. Perhaps the most crucial factor is the inconsistency wooden parts have from one part to the other. When you weigh and test traditional wooden parts side-by-side, they have wild differences between them! This directly affects the performance and "evenness feel across every key".


The carbon composite parts inside Mason & Hamlin pianos are the most consistent and highest performance parts available in the world. When compared side-by-side; these composite parts weigh and act identical to each other. This makes the keys so easy and such a dream to play.



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6-16 weeks
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