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Mason & Hamlin - Model A

Mason & Hamlin - Model A

$16,000.00 Regular Price
$8,000.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

REBUILT WITH NEW STRINGS AND PARTS - available for refinishing to black or other colors. Call for details.

**A.M.O. PIANOS is moving to a new showroom! We're having a huge sale for two weeks only. Save up to 50% off. You don't want to miss this sale!!

Want the best sounding piano money can buy? Chances are you have never seen a Mason and Hamlin piano, much less played one. Though you have heard them countless times on records and performances because Mason and Hamlin is the best of the best and is countless performances halls and recording studios. Mason and hamlin continues to build the highest quality pianos in the U.S.A.

**Come play it today to understand what you've been missing from every other piano on the world.

This one was built in 1914 during some of Mason & Hamlins best years when wood selection and craftsmanship was at its peak. Rebuilt to its highest performance.




The Mason & Hamlin Model A is widely considered to be the world's best grand piano under 6 feet. Celebrating 165 years, Mason & Hamlin represents the finest in American manufacturing and produces the world's finest grand and upright pianos in extremely limited quantities each year from their historic factory in Boston. If you're searching for the best piano that money can buy, look no further than Mason & Hamlin. This Model A has been rebuilt, including new strings, pin block and high grade hammers. It would be extremely hard to find a finer piano close to this value.

Mason & Hamlin only makes 300 pianos in the U.S. per year, which allows them to place a laser light focus on the most important aspects of piano building. Locating a truly handcrafted piano is no easy feat in this day and time.


(New Mason & Hamlin Model A cost $95,000 USD)

✅ Free professional delivery & set-up 200 miles from Nashville

☑️10 year dealer warranty guarantee on parts and labor.

✅Free in-home tuning



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Lebanon, TN 37087

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