Kimball studio upright piano - Satin black finish

Has been fully restored back to factory specs and performance. Has a very delicate and responsive touch and powerful bass with clear treble range for a very pleasing tone.

$5,800 (includes sales tax)

- Free delivery

- Free home tuning

- 10 year full warranty

- Life-time easy trade-up (step up to your dream piano easy with full value trade in credit)


Pianos have over 230 strings with most notes having 3 strings per note. The mechanism required to produce the sound and touch sensitivity requires 80+ individual parts per key, all with a specific required setting, with the entire keyboard containing up to 12,000 unique parts. The piano has always been this way. The modern piano mechanism has not changed much in 250+ years. If you've ever sat down at a piano and it felt "funny" then what you are feeling is usually 50 or more years of use. That's when it's time to go inside and re-set all of those tiny parts.. only 8,000 to 12,000 so shouldn't take long, right? This is also why you see dealers selling really low prices on pianos with little to no warranty - Why? Because they're not spending any time with the instrument. We give 10 and 20 year warranties because we've done the work and know it will last and we don't have to worry about it and neither should you. Never learn to play the piano on digitals or out of serviced instruments if you can help it. Digitals are for those who have already learned how to play on a real piano and won't be affected by its touch which will never even come close to the real touch or sound of a piano. The Grand piano is capable of the most superior touch performance and the upright is a simulation of that touch control. Digitals cannot simulate either of those but they can be "good enough" for musicians who are on the road or needing to practice at night. You cannot develop any kind of proper muscle control on even the fanciest of digitals, they are also usually not very fun to play as a beginner. They simply were never designed to be an introduction to the instrument for a student and will hold students back or turn them off from the "instrument", if that is what they are mainly playing on. We are here to set the record straight - Real strings + real keys = Real piano, and real fun!

- All pianos are fully serviced

- 10 & 20 year warranties on entire selection

- Free delivery (ground floor within 100 miles of Nashville - fee required for further distance or more than 5 steps/stairs )

- Free tuning after delivery

- Lifetime trade-ups (full value trade up credit)

You can buy a piano without leaving your home! Videos are available upon request if you'd like to view or hear how a piano sounds.

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Kimball Studio Upright Piano