Beautifully restored Kimball upright in a beautiful white satin finish. Completely restored back to factory specs and performance.

Beautiful clear tone and responsive touch control. Comes with matching bench which opens for storing music/books

$4,800 includes:

-Free delivery (*ground floor up to 100 miles)

-Free tuning -

-10 year full warranty guarantee


Our mission is to provide quality pianos for everyone - We offer free delivery, 10 year full warranty, and easy flexible payment plans as low as $75/month with zero interest.

Playing an instrument is an important chapter in a persons life. Learning on a properly serviced instrument is possibly the most important and critical step. At the very beginning is when the student needs a proper tool. If the instrument being used for training is not at high functioning levels, then there will be many important aspects of the instrument that will never be unlocked and made available to the student, this can quickly become very frustrating and leads to low levels of enjoyment, even for those naturally interested. Once you get a chance to work with a real acoustic instrument that is in proper calibration then that is when the amazing journey begins.

It couldn't be any easier to get quality instruments delivered to your door. Whether it be a high quality concert level instrument or a more intermediate level - These instruments can be trusted to give any student or musician the the best chance at enjoying and developing thier skills.

If you've been thinking about getting a piano then look no further. The "free" pianos on Facebook/craigslist have not been tuned or serviced in decades and will not be fun or cheap to play. You deserve to learn on the the right instrument in proper working order with warranty guarantee.

Buy pianos only from a trusted dealer or qualified full service piano technician, preferably associated with the Piano Technicians Guild or other similar credentials.

- All pianos are fully serviced

- 10 year warranty on entire selection

- Free delivery up to 100 miles (**may be extra rate for further distance or not on ground floor)

- Free tuning

- Lifetime trade-ups (full value trade up credit)

-If you already have a piano or old keyboard then we will give you at least $200 towards your trade-in credit - Even if your keyboard is broken. (**May not be eligible for pianos on sale*) We give the most for your trade in. (Your trade-in piano would be picked up by our moving crew during the delivery of your new piano).

You can buy a piano without leaving your home! Videos are available upon request if you'd like to view or hear how a piano sounds.

A.M.O. Pianos is owned and operated by Piano Technicians Guild Members - Nashville Chapter


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Kimball Upright