A true historical masterpiece.  Very rare and beautiful Duo Art player piano with bench. Plays like a standard piano, or if you'd like to sit back and relax then just flip the switch and enjoy the beautiful works of Beethoven, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, or even current artists. It can also play without electricity, by using the foot pedals which fold out from the bottom opening. A few scrolls of music will be included with the piano, though there is an extremely extensive list of music available from QRS, which is still making music for these pianos. From Liberace and classical, to current artists and bands, so there is no shortage of music for these player pianos.

$7,500 includes sales tax, delivery, and first tuning.

(Free delivery is typically for ground floor with 5 steps maximum within 200 miles of Lebanon,TN 37087 - Further delivery is available, extra rates may apply.)

Electric Player Piano & Bench


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