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Jonas Chickering was one of the greatest and most innovative piano builders of all time.  Building state of the art pianos and was responsible for some of the most important advancements in piano technology,  such as full one piece cast iron plates, and over stringing, which both have become standard on every single piano being built today. These single two improvements are what makes a piano the instrument that we all know and love today.

This piano has been fully serviced to perform like new. Tuned and freshly regulated to respond and sound like it was meant to.  Regulation is the process of adjusting 5-10 different settings for every key.  When properly adjusted the piano can perform like it was designed to and can be such an absolute joy to play and practice on.

2,150 includes sales tax, warranty, delivery, and free tuning after delivery.

Come by to see it in person or any of our other fine selection of pianos.  We offer a wide range of upright and grand pianos for all levels of use.


AMO Pianos
703 S Cumberland St
Lebanon, TN 37087

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