Chickering & Sons was the very first piano company established in America.  Established in 1823, Jonas Chickering is responsible for nearly every important invention and aspect  of the modern piano.  Although history books will say otherwise because Steinway and others capitalised on Chickerings inventions and patented their designs as their own before Chickering could secure the rights to their own designs.  Jonas Chickering only cared about building the best piano in history, and he succeeded in that supremely.  Jonas was not concerned with patents and trademarks as much as others, which is how he was able to laser focus his attention to the detail and the construction of the modern piano, always improving the improved.  The world owes a great deal of respect to this company which should be a household name as the pioneer and founding father of what we call the modern piano.  This particular Chickering was built in 1895.  the internals were partially restored in 2002.  The cabinet is all original and in exceptional condition.  At 6 1/2 feet this is practically a concert grand piano.  This piano will rumble your insides.   Easily blows similar sized pianos out of the water.

Fully restored, this parlor grand is worth $35,000-40,000.  It is available for sale in current playable shape for $8,400.  Which comes with free delivery, tuning, and 5 year warranty on parts and labor.  This piano is also available for additional restoration work.  Such as updates action parts, etc.  Piano does however play excellent as it is currently.  Updated parts would allow the piano to play even smoother and faster.

$8,400 includes sales tax, free delivery 300 miles from Nashville, first in home tuning, and 10 year warranty.  All of our pianos also come with lifetime full value trade-ups.  Which means you can trade up anytime in the future and only owe the difference.

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Chickering & Sons Parlor Grand

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